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We have put together multiple experiences into a unique cohesive programto support the holistic development of the kid.
We believethe real learning that stays oncomes by exploring, experiencing and doing things oneself. Our programs create interesting hands-on experiences for the kids. These provide opportunities for the kids to explore 3 core aspects of their personality–

1-Me: Exploring Myself
2-My Friends: Exploring my interactions with people around me
3-My World: Exploring the world around me

These experiences are provided through 3 elements for each program –

1-Creative Art Forms – any one of dance, music, arts & craft, photography, theater

2-Group Activities – focuses on age-appropriate life skills like communication, collaboration, leadership

3-Wow Experiences – guest interactions, field visits, ‘shadow’ opportunities to observe, organizing & participating in events, social work, etc.

We strongly believe that ownership and self-motivationare at the core of ensuring effective learning from any program.
Keeping this in mind, we make special efforts to empower the kids, let them define their own experience
at the Club, and ensure they have lots of fun all along!

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